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Another relevant thing is that at the same time as we learn English, we also learn about Scottish culture I have participated in three Cèilidh, which were wonderful moments.

Everybody who makes the school possible as a community to learn English is a secret superhero.

I’m enjoying my English classes because I have lovely teachers and friends.

At Stirling School of English, I am not only learning the language but also understanding the Scottish culture.

I can only encourage others to join too

I received not only that, but the best introduction to Scottish culture, way of life and history as well.

I was very fortunate to have two excellent teachers who alternated with teaching me, which I take as a great advantage.

I can tell that the best thing that has happened to me was that I have reached the band I needed thanks to all the help and support from the school.

I would like to say “Thank you and I love the Stirling School of English”.

I am more confident about speaking English...

I feel very very happy studying here. I love all my teachers and classmates. They gave me a good experience of learning English.