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My name is Lenka and I came to Scotland as an Erasmus student from the Czech Republic in 2018. While abroad, one of my main goals was to improve my English as much as possible. I was lucky to come across a Stirling School of English leaflet on university campus shortly after I arrived.
I registered and started to attend the CPE exam preparation classes.

Although I was the only student interested in this type of class, they were all ready to find a suitable solution for me. I was very fortunate to have two excellent teachers who alternated with teaching me, which I take as a great advantage.

Each of them had a different style of teaching, a different accent and provided me with a different kind of learning experience. I had been a bit hesitant about taking the CPE exam but after a few classes with Bob and Hetty I decided to set it as my personal goal. I will certainly keep on studying English after I return home!