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My name is Ezzat and I am from Syria. I have been learning English in the Stirling School of English for 3 years, since 2016. I was an intermediate student when I came to this school but now my English is much better.

I have made many friends here, we help each other to learn English. Also, the Summer English School is very important for me- I spent 5 days a week learning English and that helped me greatly.

I feel very very happy studying here. I love all my teachers and classmates. They gave me a good experience of learning English. They are one of the main reasons I want to keep studying here. I would like to take all courses here until I am an advanced English learner.

Moreover, in my life I use English quite a lot outside of the class. For example, I feel more confident and comfortable talking to people when I go shopping. It’s easy for me to buy anything without the help or explanation from others. I have many friends outside of the class as well because I can speak good English. We like visiting each other and have a good time together.

I hope I can go to a university major in architecture engineer. I am confident about my English now so I want to learn more technical knowledge. I could use my previous working experience with the help of English to get a higher degree, even find a job that suits me in the future.