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I spent four months at the Stirling School of English while I was preparing for my IELTS exam in Scotland in 2018 and all I have to say is that it was an incredible experience.

From the very beginning, the teachers and the staff welcome you as a new member of this multicultural family. When you are in a foreign country on your own, no matter how old you are, it makes you feel like home.

After passing your placement test, you are placed in your corresponding level and start the classes. One of the first things I noticed once there is how the teachers encourage you to talk to other people always in English, of course! Or they talk to you themselves in order to improve your spoken English and get over your shyness.

It’s amazing how many different nationalities you can meet in two hours so, by the end of the semester, you will have probably found lots of friends and more new places to visit on your next holidays.

My aim was to pass the IELTS exam. I had many volunteers helping me while I was attending every class I could. Thanks to the school I could get some specialised classes focusing on the exam, where the teachers went with me through various parts of the exam and the criteria to assess my level and to help me improve.

Now, I can tell that the best thing that has happened to me was that I have reached the band I needed thanks to all the help and support from the school.


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