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students and volunteers

Burns Night hosted by the Stirling School of English was an incredible experience for me...

I really enjoy the events organised by the School...

Most importantly we have a body of loyal, enthusiastic and appreciative students...

I highly recommend SSE for teachers who want to take their carreer to the next level...

Another relevant thing is that at the same time as we learn English, we also learn about Scottish culture I have participated in three Cèilidh, which were wonderful moments.

Everybody who makes the school possible as a community to learn English is a secret superhero.

I was part of many workshops and classes which helped me boost my knowledge...

It does warm my heart to see them doubting themselves less and less...

I’ve made great friends with a lot of people...

Everyone at the school is super friendly...

It has truly been a growing, learning and wonderful experience.

Thanks to this fantastic experience, I was able to gain employment at a private language school in Edinburgh.

I’m enjoying my English classes because I have lovely teachers and friends.

At Stirling School of English, I am not only learning the language but also understanding the Scottish culture.

I can only encourage others to join too

I received not only that, but the best introduction to Scottish culture, way of life and history as well.

I was very fortunate to have two excellent teachers who alternated with teaching me, which I take as a great advantage.

I can tell that the best thing that has happened to me was that I have reached the band I needed thanks to all the help and support from the school.

I would like to say “Thank you and I love the Stirling School of English”.

I am more confident about speaking English...

I feel very very happy studying here. I love all my teachers and classmates. They gave me a good experience of learning English.

2. What do you like the most about it? It keeps me busy and focused.

2. What do you like the most about it? Playing with children and spending time with them. You can learn a lot


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