School of

Maggie Jones


When I was asked if I could write a letter to support the nomination of the Stirling School of English for the King’s Award for Voluntary Service, I felt it was an opportunity to show all my appreciation and gratitude with this amazing organization.

Stirling School of English is based in the centre of the city centre with some additional classes at night in a school in the area. In my experience, as an asylum seeker, I arrived in Scotland very damaged, both emotionally and mentally, my body as well was suffering from the impact of the situation I lived in back home.

From the day one the school welcomed me and taught me patiently basic English, with lovely and warm tutors, giving time to everybody of us, working at our pace and doing all they could to involve us in the local culture.

As soon the classes started, I gained friends between classmates and tutors, some of them I have until now. Most of us used the time out school to go for a coffee or to pubs to get to know each other more. Most of my friends came for shelter and the school is a perfect place to build a new and safe life, as I felt then and I still do.

Everybody who makes the school possible as a community to learn English is a secret superhero. They don’t use a cape, but their kindness and their preparation for the duties given to the Stirling School of English make it a cosy place in the middle of the difficulties some of us face.

Thanks to the School, and after almost 6 years in Scotland, I work as a Community Carer in my area. I am able to follow the rules and indications from my superiors, write notes available for the organization and user’s families, and, the most important, communicate with the people I care for. Personally I feel welcome in every home I go to, I always ask for what people need, how they want that help delivered and I look for feedback to get better and become a Nurse in the near future.