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André Andrade


My name is André and I am a Brazilian living in Stirling since November 2022. Since I arrived, I have been a student at Stirling School of English, and the school has been very important in my personal, professional and cultural development.

I always participated in all available In-person classes. I have always felt very motivated to attend classes due to the friendly atmosphere at the school, which is very welcoming and respectful, and the tutors who take their time to teach us. Each teacher has their own particularities, which is very positive, as each one share the best they have, respecting their own skills and characteristics.

Because of the tutors’ excellent classes, I have learned and improved my ability to speak, listen and read in English. Currently, I have confidence to carry out daily activities, as I am not afraid of not being able to communicate. This development has also had a positive impact on my professional activities, as I am able to express myself faster and with greater quality, making conversations with other professionals more dynamic.

Another relevant thing is that at the same time as we learn English, we also learn about Scottish culture I have participated in three Cèilidh, which were wonderful moments. I had the opportunity to learn typical dances, learn about the poet Robert Burns and try typical foods from different countries around the world. I thought it was really cool that the tutors participated in the Cèilidh, as it made the classes even more friendly. In July, I participated in the Summer School and it was a very good experience. I met lots of new people, and every week we had excursions to tourist and cultural sites near Stirling.

An important and very personal detail is that attending English classes was essential for my mental health during the winter in Scotland. As the Scottish winter is much more impactful than the Brazilian winter, it was extremely valuable to take English classes during this period, as I was always able to talk to more people, feel human warmth and recharge my energy to live the dark and cold days with joy.

Taking part in the In-person classes, I met people from different countries outside the United Kingdom: Ireland, Canada, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Turkey, Morocco, Singapore, Romania, Hungary. I had the privilege of meeting fantastic people who shared incredible curiosities and experiences on different and varied topics. When I return to Brazil, I will miss the positive experiences I had in the  Stirling School of English. However, I intend to continue participating in online classes, which will allow me to continue progressing in my English and remembering the great moments I had during classes.

Muito obrigado (thank you very much) Stirling School of English.