School of

1. Why do you volunteer?

I’m doing childcare course and this will help me in the future as a previous experience.

2. What do you like the most about it?

Playing with children and spending time with them. You can learn a lot

3. Would you recommend it?

Yes. For friends, and mostly for young people because you need to be patient.

4. Have you learned anything during volunteering?

How children are, how do they behave, how they like to play.

5. What’s the most rewarding aspect of this job?

I love children and I love to play with them.

6. What are your plans?

I’d like to work in a nursery and I’m planning to stay in Scotland. I’m not sure, but I’m planning to stay in Stirling for years too.

7. Why did you come to Scotland?

Because I wanted to live with my husband.

8. What’s do you like best about Scotland/Stirling?

It’s a nice place and it’s beautiful. People are very friendly and helpful.