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St. Andrew’s Night Ceilidh in the Stirling School of English

St Andrews day

Every year our school organises a celebration for St. Andrew’s day. St. Andrew’s Day is on 30th November but due to the unavailability of the venue we will host it on 23rd November.

The tickets are very cheap -£1 because we received funding to run the party.

In the image below you’ll find all the necessary details.

I only have 60 tickets available and will be selling them next week at school. From 6th November, I will open the sale of tickets to the public so if you would like to get a ticket, the best time will be next week as there might not be any left later on this month.

If you attend evening classes, you can email me to book the tickets as I won’t be at Wallace High next week. Please do not email me if you attend morning classes- you can buy the tickets directly from me in the school.