School of

I first heard about the Stirling School of English online and was intrigued by the possibility of volunteering there. At first I’d applied for a position with the creche, but after telling Lore the opportunities I’d had in the past teaching English in various capacities, she proposed that I become a tutor. I was terrified! But, after meeting the other tutors at the first meeting, getting to know the curriculum, and finally meeting the students, I was thrilled that she had offered me the position and regretted not knowing about the school earlier.

Each Tuesday and Wednesday morning I would come to the Rock Centre and go through various English exercises with the students. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are all well covered in the curriculum provided. Each day I had an opportunity to get to know the students better and develop friendships with them and the staff.

The only reason that I am leaving is because my husband and I are moving to the States to be closer to family. It has truly been a growing, learning and wonderful experience.