St. Andrew’s Day Celebration

St Andrew's Day JPEG

On Wednesday, 28th of November, Stirling School of English celebrated their first St. Andrew’s Day Celebration. The event took place at St. Allan Park Church in Stirling and featured a variety of performances by a wide array of tutors, students, and their families. Among these performances were Scottish as well as other national poems, songs, and a brief historical tribute to St. Andrew. 

The night began with a sing-along of a few well-known Scottish tunes, such as the national anthem and Amazing Grace. This was followed by a lovely performance of Scotland the Brave on the bagpipes by 13-year-old Jakub from Poland, which helped put everyone in the celebration spirit. The night was continued with a delightfully funny Scottish poem titled “It’s January” and then came the international spice! Next we heard an adorable Korean poem performed by the children of 3 SSE students/volunteers and a fun and interactive performance by Korean student, Desuk and his beautiful back-up singers (including a surprise performance of Gangnam Style to get the crowd dancing)! Among the night’s performances were also a cute Polish national poem, 2 beautiful solo French songs, and some spicy Spanish group songs/dances.

(excerpt from Nov-Dec 2012 Newsletter)