National Vegetarian Week

To celebrate the 2019 Vegetarian Week Stirling School of English was funded by the Vegetarian Society to hold a special session for their English learners.

Instead of the normal day-to-day group learning of English, tutors and students alike took their place at tables to hear about the easy use of vegetables not only for a healthy diet, but also within a healthy budget. Shelley Kirk who runs the The Sunlite Café in Cowane Street in Stirling, provided knives, cutting boards, bowls and a wealth of vegetables, for all tables; and students set to create their own vegetable extravaganzas.

A dash of oil, a spoonful of mayonnaise, a mix of herbs and spices and a dollop of quinoa, yogurt, barley or whatever …  and the masterpieces served in cups or wraps were ready to photograph and share.

And of course the students practised their English too, in a real-life situation. The students were also challenged to replace their regular meals with at least two vegetarian/vegan meals every week and to participate in a competition to produce the best/most exotic/most varied dish. The prize, a healthy food hamper, will be presented to the winner at the International Supper and Ceilidh on 30th May in the Albert Halls (6:30pm).SSE would like to thank both the Vegetarian Society and the Sunlite Café for their support for this excellent day and invite everyone to the International Ceilidh.

by Tricia Atkinson

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