St. Andrew’s Day Celebration: 27th November 2018

On 27th November (slightly early) the school celebrated St. Andrew’s Day with a ceilidh at the Albert Halls in Stirling. David Howes, the chairman of our charity, gave a short presentation on the life of St. Andrew and how he became the patron saint of Scotland.  

The international nature of the school was highlighted with flamenco dancing by Jennifer and Marta; German lantern songs by Lore, Alfredo, Dirk and Kim; Scots songs by Duncan and Jim; and Irish music for flute and violin by Jeremy and Carolyn.

The CEO of Volunteer Scotland, our guest speaker, George Thomson made an appal on behalf of IBBA girls school in Sudan ( and during the event we raised £146 for them.

Following a supper of Scottish food (stovies), the 80+ attendees danced the night away with country dancing- Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeant, Strip the Willow and many more.

Everyone had a fun and happy evening. The next similar event will be held in the Albert Halls on 24th January at 6:15pm to celebrate Burns Night.


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