Halloween 2018

It’s Halloween again, the only time in the teaching calendar when it’s perfectly acceptable to come into school dressed as Dracula or a skeleton.


This annual celebration lends itself to literacy and storytelling. Our teachers got us to to write ghost stories and taught us some useful Halloween related idioms.



At break, tutor Richard showed us how to play “Dookin’ for apples” –it is a Halloween party game which involves taking an apple floating in a basin of water without using your hands, either by spearing it with a fork held in your teeth or by biting it. It was lots of fun!



The icing on the cake was the evening costume party at Mediterranea Restaurant organised by our IELTS student- Lara- she did a fabulous job! Even some tutors turned up dressed up in their not so scary costumes and danced the night away. Thank you for another opportunity to practice our English, learn about the Scottish traditions and make new friends.


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