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Our morning classes (Mon, Tues, Wed) start on 28th August (Tues) at 10am-12:30pm in the Rock Centre and the evening classes (Tues, Thurs) start on 4th September at 6pm-8:30pm in Wallace High and we would love to see you there. We do continuous erolment so you can join us anytime!

Do you need to improve your grammar, writing skills, social English, pronunciation? Perhaps you work in a hotel, restaurant or hospital and need more specialised English? The Stirling School of English tries to be as flexible as possible to meet students’ needs.

Our aim is to see our students improve their English skills and to create a community where foreign students feel accepted and ‘at home’. Coming to a foreign country, not knowing anybody and not speaking the language well can be daunting. The Stirling School of English is a place where students can meet other students, young children can be left safely in the creche, and friendships are formed. All cultures are valued and accepted.

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We have some new additions this term that will help you both understand native speakers and speak clearly:

– pronunciation workshops once a month in the morning classes

– pronunciation course on Tues evening (please check our website and facebook page for more details): Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm

I you have any suggestions about the courses, class times or anything else that comes to your mind, please let us know.

While we are not a traditional commercial school, we do represent an excellent low cost opportunity for those willing to improve their English skills. Our classes are free, however you need to pay the registration fee- for the whole term it is only £50. You can attend as many classes as you wish.

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Citizenship course

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