Summer School 2018: week 4

It is quite a bittersweet feeling knowing that this is the last week of our summer school. We’ve had such an amazing experience with our students and tutors and we are so grateful to the students for joining up and for their attentiveness and dedication to learning English. I can safely say that I and our tutors have been absolutely delighted to be able to get to know each individual student and that we have thoroughly enjoyed teaching these last four weeks.

We studied various topics, including the past perfect and a selection of idioms that are often used in English. In addition, we also spent some time going over listening exercises, as well as looking at a practical use of the second conditional when giving advice to people. In the pronunciation class, the students learnt how pronouns and verbs are pronounced in fast speech and practised different ways of saying the letter ”o” in various words.

classes wk 4

The children’s programme focused on technology, however, Fiona and her team also made sure the little ones got plenty of time to play in nature and do creative activities.


On Wednesday, our final excursion took place in Dunblane, where we visited the Cathedral which had fallen into disrepair during the Reformation, having been later restored to what would have been its original design. We also visited the library founded by Robert Leighton, who accepted the role of bishop, in order to reconcile the Catholic and Protestant communities living in Dunblane at the time. The library is recorded as being the oldest in the entire country, with a wide selection of books from all sorts of countries across the world.

dunblane 1catherdral library

We paid a visit to the museum as well, where we learned much of the local history, and rounded our day off with a rest just on the riverside.

museum dunblane

On Friday, each of our tutors and the creche coordintor was given a card and gift for all their hard work and dedication, the children sang some rhymes and songs they have learnt with Fiona and our students each brought a wide selection of food and drink from their own countries. There was so much to choose from, and we spent the rest of the afternoon talking, playing games and enjoying each other’s company. I think it goes without saying that the summer school was a success, and I wish all of our tutors and students all the best for the rest of the summer.

Our morning classes begin on 28th August at 10am at the Rock Centre and the evening classes start on 4th September at 6pm and Wallace High School.

Looking forward to see you there!


Volunteer Manager

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