Summer School 2018: Week One

We had a great time during the first week of our summer school and we hope you did too! Activities ranged from learning about famous Scots, festivals, creating a country to using past & present tenses and the pronunciation of the ‘schwa’ sound.

Our students come from Spain, Argentina, Syria, Poland, Chile, Romania, Nepal, Kuwait and Taiwan and many of them live in Stirlingshire. Every day in the afternoon all classes meet together to get to know each other and  play communicative games.

While parents study English, their children are looked after and learn about Scotland with Fiona and her dedicated team of volunteers. This week they made highland cows, the Loch Ness monster and drew beautiful ”flowers of Scotland”.

Wednesday was our excursion day- Stirling! We explored the Engine Shed where we got hands-on with Scottish built heritage. One of the many attractions there was the interactive map, which is the first of its kind in Scotland. It is part of the educational offer at the centre. The real-time AR content is activated by the user scanning an iPad around the map, with over fifty 3D buildings appearing in augmented reality on the screen, enabling viewers to see where each site is located, along with detailed information, hundreds of photographs and sketches.

After lunch in nature, we headed to the Smith Art Gallery and Museum and enjoyed the tour with very knowledgeable guides. We’ve seen the oldest football in the world from 16th century (in the showcase). It’s made of a pig’s bladder. 

It was a hot day so we relaxed in the garden behind the museum and then made our way up to Cowane’s Hospital, a 17th-century almshouse in the Old Town of Stirling. It was established in 1637. The hospital building itself is now used as an arts venue, and remains in use by the Merchant Guildry.

Our last stop was the Church of the Holy Rude- the second oldest building in Stirling after the castle. Founded in 1129 during the reign of David I (1124 – 1153) as the parish church of Stirling. In 1567 the infant King James VI was crowned here.

summer school 18 wk 1.2summer school 18 wk 1

Next week we are going to see how whisky is made in Deanston Distillery and admire the picturesque views in Callander.

There is still time to join us- just send us a message (07925249243) or come to the Stirling Arcade (unit 9) Mon-Fri 10am-4pm!

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