Event: February Workshops

2012 SSE February Workshop

As some of you know, last year in February, we held a Writing Workshop for all of those contributing your story to the Stirling School of English booklet. This year, after much consideration, we have decided that instead of another year of creative writing, we are going to turn our booklet into a cook book!

The idea of putting together recipes from so many different countries and regions seemed like such a wonderful keepsake for our students and tutors as well as something to lure the attention of prospective students, workers, and sponsors.

We will be holding two different workshops at The Rock Centre for two different groups. The first workshop will be for Beginner through Pre-Intermediate classes, this Wednesday, 27 February at 11:30 at the Rock Centre. The second workshop will be for Intermediate through Advanced classes, the following week, Tuesday, 5 March at 11:30.

Classes will still be held from 10-11, then groups will combine to discuss their recipes, the layout of the cook book, and any questions they may have. We hope this will be another chance to bond with your tutors and classmates as our other events.

If you have any questions, please email stirling.school@yahoo.co.uk

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